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  • I supposed people would like to know what’s up, the few people that are interested anyway. More or less, writing what was going to be my first full-length project has become really difficult now that I’m toward the end and I can’t decide on what I want to happen with making one character or the other look bad to anyone who reads this. I’ll eventually get it done, but for now- it’s dropped from my priorities until I can get motivated because I love mixed martial arts and it’s my first venture into writing sports fiction.
  • In the meantime, I’ve still got a project I started toward the end of last year going slowly, that being Live by the Sword. As I said in the last blog, it’s a lot different than I imagined it because it’s centered around a yakuza turned chef’s apprentice who uncovers a lot more than meets the eye.
  • On November 2nd, I’m set to get back into catering for an anniversary party.
  • I was working on something that I was going to base around periods of my own life, but reliving certain moments isn’t something I’d like to do at the moment, though in my heart, I feel it needs to be done.
  • Currently, I’m doing review requests, so if you’ve got something you want honestly reviewed, just fill this form out. It goes directly to my email.
  • Also, I’m currently taking my published short story down because I know there’s more of Vance’s story that can be told in New Mexican Predators.

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And I learned that the Supreme Court had said that it was unconstitutional to deny a spouse benefits just because their partner was of the same gender. I read the statuses on my Facebook that were overjoyed ’cause DOMA was dead. But did the justices declare that all Americans, no matter who they love, could legally tie the knot?

No. They didn’t. Now, though I’m a supporter of every American being equal under the law since our country likes to go on about how “all men are created equal,” I saw it coming a mile away that the Supreme Court would not do the right thing. Let’s be realistic, that’s a long way from happening. I’m going to touch on this and then shut up.

“But, Drache, that’s what they said about minorities during the Civil Rights Movement.”

Look how far apart the Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are. It took 400+ years to end slavery in America, but blacks were still enslaved and looked upon as second class citizens. The Thirteenth Amendment might have brought slavery to a close and the Fourteenth might have declared that they were equally protected under the law, but it took almost a century for Congress to enforce the Constitution and the other Civil Rights Acts that came before it. Basically, it’s going to take another hundred years (for us and all the hateful idiots currently breathing that are set in their bigoted ways to die) before equality for LGBTAQ Americans can finally be realized. It’s going to take Supreme Court justices, should this ever again reach Capitol Hill, who have the cojones to stand in the face of the illogical, the ignorant, and the just plain stupid and say what the whole world knows: that we need to stop being hypocrites and actually live by the creed Americans are always spouting, which is supposed to be unconditional.

So, let’s get a recap on what happened today in Washington. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Can the people I know that are LGBT get married here in Missouri? No.

Can they get civil unions? No.

Are married couples that live here recognized by the state of Missouri? Hell, no, but it’d be nice ’cause there’s a ton of weddings I wanna see before those couples get old.

Can same-gender couples in California get married? Yes, but that’ll last until the next Arnold gets into office and defecates all over that decision.

Am I being cynical? Maybe, but I’m being realistic.

So, what did I learn today? That the Supreme Court is scared and more worried about making enemies than about upholding what’s morally right? So, what happened today? Nothing.

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Release is essentially going to be one of the hardest writing projects I’ve ever done, because like what my brother’s doing, this one is going to feature bits and pieces of my life from different points in time. The thought of reliving most of these events trigger either frustration or pure rage, but I know it needs to be done so I can be done with it all. I think for this one, I might just work on my own book cover while Latrele gets familiar with his new program. It’s why I’m pushing back The Welter War. I just started this and I realized that Justin and Darien are going to be very, very difficult to write about. Well, think I should get started.

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More Information on my Journeys-based project, The Welter War, Live by the Sword   2 comments

So, as I’m sitting here having to change some stuff in the Welter War before I can give it the ending I desperately want it to have, I had been desperately trying to figure out the outline for my own Journeys project. Obviously, it ain’t gonna be called Journeys, but if I wanted I could ask Drako for permission to use the name and add a subtitle. Still haven’t figured out my title nor have I gotten started on it except for a paragraph, but I know I’m going to be working on it while working on Live By the Sword, which I finally got this brain of mine wrapped around; I’ve never been good with writing an action story without there being guns involved.


I take back what I said about not having a title, a possible one just came to me; Release. I started singing Can’t Let Her Go by Boyz II Men mentally and it made total sense because I’m using this project to lay things to rest. Release follows the life of Justin, who finds what he’s looking for in his new girlfriend and best friend of four years Raine after a break-up that leaves him psychologically broken. A month later, it happens all over again, though Justin finds hope in their bond as soul mates, but when a blast from the past comes back to Raine, Justin slowly loses faith in a future with the best thing that’s ever happened to him. With the added issue of his young friend Darien, Justin must find peace for himself and the teen who looks up to him.


The Welter War’s going pretty well, as I’m almost at the end. Again, I needed to make some changes to give it the ending I want, thus why I pushed the release date back to April 22nd, which is interestingly, an ex-girlfriend’s birthday and when I have to show up for jury selection. Lovely.

More Writer’s Updates   2 comments

I guess now that my leg of Travis Luedke’s blog tour is over… at least until Nightlife: Paris comes out, I can start blogging again. It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted. Right now, as I sit listening to Southside (feat. Ashanti) by Lloyd, I kinda want to talk about the Welter War. I’ve got a set date for the release, which will be April 10th. Someday, when I can afford it, I’ll have a release party celebrating a book dropping- like Drako and I collaborated on.

I have a whole bunch of books that I know I need to read and review, but I’ll make time for that when I get through with The Welter War. I got some bad news from my cover designer: his program trials all expired, but I pointed him in the right direction and he’ll keep me updated. (That guy needs to make him a website like Travis Luedke’s designer… I have a feeling I’m going to be talking A LOT about Travis sometimes- but the guy is pretty damned awesome)

Anyway, talks about one of my favorite authors aside, I wanna get back on track. I’ve got somewhat over a month to get my head together and wrap this book up and then edit it. But I wanna give some updates. My brother Drako is working on something that he started on Writer’s Cafe called Journeys, but I think I’ll let him talk about that. I’ve read what he shared and I really like it. I want to do something like Journeys.

The reason for it is that there’s so much within me from the past five to eight years that I’ve wanted to lay to rest, but could never find the proper way to do so. Seeing Drako work on that particular project that he started a while back has motivated me to do the same thing. I think through doing this, I can finally come to terms with parts of myself and let it die.

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Okay, if you noticed the title, you’ll see that the second part of that says “Cooking Plans for 2014.” I know we just got into 2013, but I feel like making some plans for the next year. This is going to be a short blog, so bear with me.

Okay, so I started my culinary path in 2012 and the year ended on a good note; an anniversary dinner and doing some service for my brother Drako. That was just the first step on my road to being a caterer. Hopefully, 2013 brings me some business on that front. I’ll continue to promote myself, in that regard.

Anyway, I want to talk about my first book of the year. I’ve decided that this book would be the first in a series of a sports fiction. I think I mentioned it in a previous blog, but I’ve come to a decision. I need to get with a cover designer for The Welter Way. Also, I’ve realized that this book will be going through a lot of major changes. It’s gonna be different from the way I had planned it.

That’s not all, though. I’ve got a crime drama planned that has yet to be titled and I really should get to work on Live By the Sword, but that particular book is going to take a while to work on since it’s set in this period: a world without firearms, and that’s been pretty hard to work with, which is why it’s coming along a lot slower than I had planned.  But I hope for that one to be done before this year is up, though.

Now, for my plans for 2014 involve a cookbook I’m trying to put together. Originally, I had planned on 150 recipes that go over everything a cookbook’s supposed to go over. I’m still planning that for next year, but I’m trying to decide if I should promote that side of me by adding a recipe at the very end of every book that I publish. I’ll try that once, just to see how it goes over.

Now, to talk about my website. I will most likely launch two websites but I’ll settle for one and that’ll be for the author in me.

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Right now, I’ve got a bit of news. I was gonna start a project called Live by the Sword. Unfortunately, it’s not working out the way I want at the moment. The only way I could make it work would be to throw in the action before I need it, and it would end up as either a novelette or a short story. I like the characters and the ideas, but I just can’t seem to make the build-up convincing. So, for the moment, I’m putting that specific title on hold and will try to work on it from time to time. That’s just me, though.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on two sports projects and a vigilante drama.

The first sports one is called The Welter Way, which goes through the lives and careers of a mixed martial artist and a boxer. That one will be a tad bit heavy, as one of the two main characters is bisexual, while the other is indeed straight. This title will deal with the personal battles that the “B” in “LGBTQ” have to fight, teen bullying, and even the overall fight of all the letters on the above mentioned spectrum.

I’m warning you now, so don’t get offended when you’re reading and you come across these elements.

The second sports title is still unnamed, but will be less intense as far as content goes. I have a feeling that one is going to be centered around a wrestler who discovers his potential for either Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, or mixed martial arts. I’m still stuck on deciding which one it’s going to be.

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