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And I learned that the Supreme Court had said that it was unconstitutional to deny a spouse benefits just because their partner was of the same gender. I read the statuses on my Facebook that were overjoyed ’cause DOMA was dead. But did the justices declare that all Americans, no matter who they love, could legally tie the knot?

No. They didn’t. Now, though I’m a supporter of every American being equal under the law since our country likes to go on about how “all men are created equal,” I saw it coming a mile away that the Supreme Court would not do the right thing. Let’s be realistic, that’s a long way from happening. I’m going to touch on this and then shut up.

“But, Drache, that’s what they said about minorities during the Civil Rights Movement.”

Look how far apart the Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are. It took 400+ years to end slavery in America, but blacks were still enslaved and looked upon as second class citizens. The Thirteenth Amendment might have brought slavery to a close and the Fourteenth might have declared that they were equally protected under the law, but it took almost a century for Congress to enforce the Constitution and the other Civil Rights Acts that came before it. Basically, it’s going to take another hundred years (for us and all the hateful idiots currently breathing that are set in their bigoted ways to die) before equality for LGBTAQ Americans can finally be realized. It’s going to take Supreme Court justices, should this ever again reach Capitol Hill, who have the cojones to stand in the face of the illogical, the ignorant, and the just plain stupid and say what the whole world knows: that we need to stop being hypocrites and actually live by the creed Americans are always spouting, which is supposed to be unconditional.

So, let’s get a recap on what happened today in Washington. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Can the people I know that are LGBT get married here in Missouri? No.

Can they get civil unions? No.

Are married couples that live here recognized by the state of Missouri? Hell, no, but it’d be nice ’cause there’s a ton of weddings I wanna see before those couples get old.

Can same-gender couples in California get married? Yes, but that’ll last until the next Arnold gets into office and defecates all over that decision.

Am I being cynical? Maybe, but I’m being realistic.

So, what did I learn today? That the Supreme Court is scared and more worried about making enemies than about upholding what’s morally right? So, what happened today? Nothing.

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