Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony by Brian McKinley   Leave a comment

I have to say that this one was a particularly unique book. It took me almost three weeks to read it, as I was getting sidetracked constantly by a lot of things. Now I can post this review. This book has a ton of elements that I can name: such as servitude and domestic abuse (if you can call what was going on between Sebastian and Caroline that. The format it took as a series of journal entries was unique.

We’re introduced to Avery and Caroline, who are on the run from the Order, a society of vampires who function like the Illuminati or Freemasons or something along those lines- as they’re the ones who rule the world and control everything behind the scenes from the War on Terrorism to poverty in third world countries. We later learn it’s because Caroline has turned Avery and she herself has escaped from her Creator Sebastian, a violent Hegemon (leader) who gives in to his feral urges.

This book also has an interesting cast of characters other than the main three:

Valmont, the pedophile with quite the sword skill

Jade Tiger, the nymphomaniac

Geoffrey, the businessman who actually follows the human world and profits from its chaos

Draco, the super-strong pyrokinetic capable of kicking Avery’s teeth in

Iago, the benevolent leader

Julia: the scheming bitch who teams up with Sebastian to remove Iago from power

There’s so much I want to say about this book that I don’t think I should, because I might give it all away. But just know I give it five out of five.

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