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It looks like I’m pushing this book back again. I talked to my cover designer a couple of nights ago and he’s trying to get adjusted to his new program; it doesn’t bother me because I’m a somewhat patient man and I know the guy needs a ton of time to work his magic like he does with Drako. I’m almost done editing the Welter War and I’m mapping out Release at the moment. So far, I know Raine, Justin, and Darien are my main characters. The rest will just come to me as I keep it going.

Live by the Sword has become a little easier for me to work on, but I’m not at the good parts I wanna be at just yet. Takes patience and time for swordsmen to do their thing. I like the Ben character and what he does, he amuses the hell out of me because I like his sense of justice.

As for what I’m doing with Drako, he’s right about my character not being planned. After some back and forth, I’ve decided to make Cristiano, as my character is called, a cisgender male due to the nature of his portrayal of Prince of Darkness and Cristiano being one of his many human offspring.

I think I need to get on back to work, so I should most likely sign off for now.

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