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  • I supposed people would like to know what’s up, the few people that are interested anyway. More or less, writing what was going to be my first full-length project has become really difficult now that I’m toward the end and I can’t decide on what I want to happen with making one character or the other look bad to anyone who reads this. I’ll eventually get it done, but for now- it’s dropped from my priorities until I can get motivated because I love mixed martial arts and it’s my first venture into writing sports fiction.
  • In the meantime, I’ve still got a project I started toward the end of last year going slowly, that being Live by the Sword. As I said in the last blog, it’s a lot different than I imagined it because it’s centered around a yakuza turned chef’s apprentice who uncovers a lot more than meets the eye.
  • On November 2nd, I’m set to get back into catering for an anniversary party.
  • I was working on something that I was going to base around periods of my own life, but reliving certain moments isn’t something I’d like to do at the moment, though in my heart, I feel it needs to be done.
  • Currently, I’m doing review requests, so if you’ve got something you want honestly reviewed, just fill this form out. It goes directly to my email.
  • Also, I’m currently taking my published short story down because I know there’s more of Vance’s story that can be told in New Mexican Predators.

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  • I haven’t been speaking much about what’s been happening with what I’m writing or anything like that, but I thought I’d give myself a chance to do so. I honestly don’t know when The Welter War is coming out. I’ve set so many dates for myself, only to not meet them because I’ve had other stuff going on. The only thing I can tell you is that it’ll be before the year ends. I’ve been doing book reviews and hitting the streets trying to find work so I can have the money in my pocket needed to market and eventually do awesome blog tours like the people whose books I review have done many times over.
  • As far as Release goes, I don’t think I’m gonna be writing that any time in the near future. Trying to figure out how to map it and get my thoughts together has been too stressful for my taste.
  • Live by the Sword is something entirely different. It’ll eventually get written, when I get past chapter two.
  • Meanwhile, there’s a multibook series I’m currently planning that focuses on five heroes and their war on crime in the same city. I just need to finish mapping out the characters.

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Rise From The Ashes: Lena’s Story by Laura Franklin   Leave a comment

Blurb: The Taliban have bombed the US with a chemical agent. It wiped out over half of the population and left the country in shambles. Those who are left find unexplained things happening like premonitions in their dreams and enhanced senses. Lena, a young woman from Vermont, and Mick, a young man in the US Army, grow close and become leaders as they trudge north to meet up with a military camp at Lake Champlain. Their dreams continue to get more peculiar and have even synced up in a historical setting. With the power out and gasoline a scarce resource; motorcycles, horses and bicycles have become the new mode of transport. In another group that is trying to survive, a priest leads discouraged parishioners north and is faced with tough decisions as he has to put the well-being of the group ahead of individuals. They have to band together to make it through this new chaotic situation, relying on their intuition and basic survival skills. This motley crew must reorganize the country just as was done after the revolutionary war. The clock is ticking as the persisting threats of the Taliban, drug lords from south of the border and rival gangs across the country put US freedoms in jeopardy.

Review: Let’s get to the book. These post-apocalyptic deals are more my speed and I enjoyed this one thoroughly though it took me a minute to understand and get into it. We’re introduced to multiple POVs in this one, starting with co-protagonists Lena and Mick, a Vermont girl out of high school and a U.S. Army private that survive a two-pronged bio-weapon assault from the Taliban that renders people sneezing to death. In this new America, the Taliban are not the only threat; there are people who have awakened to their sadistic natures and Latin America drug cartels who want to invade and take over the country. This attack has also given several people improved senses, such as Mick’s reflexes, Sue (a member of Lena and Mick’s group) has improved sight, Lena’s thought process becomes near-superhuman, and so on. I was a bit confused at some parts in the book, but as time went on, things started to make sense- like the dreams everyone were having that felt all too real. The characters were unique, such as the priest, Steve- who was one of the nicest people in town but having his patience tested by the spoiled Kim to boiling points. The pace of the writing was interesting and while Mick and Lena had started a relationship, the author didn’t go into much detail about it but that’s okay because I can live without heavy emphasis on romance. If you’re into post-apocalypse writings, I’d suggest giving this one a shot despite the mixed reviews.

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And I learned that the Supreme Court had said that it was unconstitutional to deny a spouse benefits just because their partner was of the same gender. I read the statuses on my Facebook that were overjoyed ’cause DOMA was dead. But did the justices declare that all Americans, no matter who they love, could legally tie the knot?

No. They didn’t. Now, though I’m a supporter of every American being equal under the law since our country likes to go on about how “all men are created equal,” I saw it coming a mile away that the Supreme Court would not do the right thing. Let’s be realistic, that’s a long way from happening. I’m going to touch on this and then shut up.

“But, Drache, that’s what they said about minorities during the Civil Rights Movement.”

Look how far apart the Thirteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are. It took 400+ years to end slavery in America, but blacks were still enslaved and looked upon as second class citizens. The Thirteenth Amendment might have brought slavery to a close and the Fourteenth might have declared that they were equally protected under the law, but it took almost a century for Congress to enforce the Constitution and the other Civil Rights Acts that came before it. Basically, it’s going to take another hundred years (for us and all the hateful idiots currently breathing that are set in their bigoted ways to die) before equality for LGBTAQ Americans can finally be realized. It’s going to take Supreme Court justices, should this ever again reach Capitol Hill, who have the cojones to stand in the face of the illogical, the ignorant, and the just plain stupid and say what the whole world knows: that we need to stop being hypocrites and actually live by the creed Americans are always spouting, which is supposed to be unconditional.

So, let’s get a recap on what happened today in Washington. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Can the people I know that are LGBT get married here in Missouri? No.

Can they get civil unions? No.

Are married couples that live here recognized by the state of Missouri? Hell, no, but it’d be nice ’cause there’s a ton of weddings I wanna see before those couples get old.

Can same-gender couples in California get married? Yes, but that’ll last until the next Arnold gets into office and defecates all over that decision.

Am I being cynical? Maybe, but I’m being realistic.

So, what did I learn today? That the Supreme Court is scared and more worried about making enemies than about upholding what’s morally right? So, what happened today? Nothing.

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It’s been quite a while since I last posted an update. Recently, I got caught in a crazy storm that pretty much left me without power and wrecked stuff in the neighborhood. I’ve been away from home for a quite a while. Anyway, with the storm over and things going slowly back to normal, I guess it’s safe to post some updates.

First off, I’ve got The Welter War to worry about, as my cover isn’t finished just yet. Seeing as my designer is hard at work, I guess it’s safe to reword my book summary eventually. Things are going well and I’m editing as I go along, but I’ll be sending it to my designated beta when I’m finished.

Release, not going as well, but I’m not ready to give up on it. I’m still stuck on the first chapter, but I don’t wanna force anything.


I’m thinking of joining the fantasy/paranormal bandwagon eventually, ’cause I’ve got interesting ideas.

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The Lost Dragon by Drako (Review and Dream Cast)   1 comment

So, this is the debut book released by my brother a year ago. The Lost Dragon is the first in a series that I have a feeling will expand across time and last as long as the author wishes for it to be.

We begin our story in ancient Greece, where Andreas, a soldier in the Spartan army and his lover Kazarian are battling alongside each other and overcoming the odds until the Athenians arrive and overwhelm them. Kazarian is killed in the melee and the identity of Andreas’ father is revealed when his birthmark is revealed. Contrary to his assumption, Zeus isn’t the father but another god is. The protector of man, the creator of the paranormal, Jarel the Black Dragon God.

Fast forward to the present and Andreas has completed part of his hunt of rogue vampires, vampire creations of Jarel that chose to turn their backs on his laws. It is revealed that Kalos, leader of the rogues and killer of Andreas’ youngest brother Julian, is after a healer by the name of Cassandra and the dragon’s twin nephews to get revenge against Apollo casting him from sunlight and the twins slaying his son.

But it isn’t just rogue vampires involved with this plot; werewolves have gotten involved and a full god with a grudge against Jarel is shielding the renegade vampire from the Dragon God King’s wrath. There is more to this plot than what it seems, as Kalos is attempting to use the twins (Brandon and Demun) and Cassandra to bring back the former king Cronus to topple the Olympians. Does this plan succeed or fail? Unfortunately, I have no intentions of spoiling this great book.And now, for my dream cast:

Andreas: Steven Jay Blum
Jarel: Crispin Freeman
Vic: David Lodge
Brandon: Yuri Lowenthal
Demun: Richard Ian Cox
Zeus: Keith David
Hera: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Kazarian: Vic Mignogna
All in all, I give this book a perfect five for the plot, the characters, and the action.

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Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony by Brian McKinley   Leave a comment

I have to say that this one was a particularly unique book. It took me almost three weeks to read it, as I was getting sidetracked constantly by a lot of things. Now I can post this review. This book has a ton of elements that I can name: such as servitude and domestic abuse (if you can call what was going on between Sebastian and Caroline that. The format it took as a series of journal entries was unique.

We’re introduced to Avery and Caroline, who are on the run from the Order, a society of vampires who function like the Illuminati or Freemasons or something along those lines- as they’re the ones who rule the world and control everything behind the scenes from the War on Terrorism to poverty in third world countries. We later learn it’s because Caroline has turned Avery and she herself has escaped from her Creator Sebastian, a violent Hegemon (leader) who gives in to his feral urges.

This book also has an interesting cast of characters other than the main three:

Valmont, the pedophile with quite the sword skill

Jade Tiger, the nymphomaniac

Geoffrey, the businessman who actually follows the human world and profits from its chaos

Draco, the super-strong pyrokinetic capable of kicking Avery’s teeth in

Iago, the benevolent leader

Julia: the scheming bitch who teams up with Sebastian to remove Iago from power

There’s so much I want to say about this book that I don’t think I should, because I might give it all away. But just know I give it five out of five.